Semi Truck Accident Cases: Documentation that is Needed

Semi Truck Accident Cases: Documentation that is Needed

It is critical in semi truck accident cases that all of the relevant evidence, all of the relevant documents, and all of the interviews of all of the key witnesses are completed before the filing of any lawsuit.

General Documentation

First, it is important that all of the factual information is gathered. With so much on your mind, you may be wondering what information is most important to document. After a collision, it is essential that you take the following actions and gather the following information as soon as possible:

  1. Visiting the accident scene with our accident reconstruction expert
  2. Taking photographs and videotaping the scene of the collision
  3. Inspecting and photographing all of the vehicles involved in the crash with our expert
  4. Taking photographs and videotapes of all injured parties
  5. Interviewing and taking the statements of all of the key witnesses (we try to videotape these interviews if possible)
  6. Reviewing all of the accident reports
  7. Meeting with all of the investigating officers and all law enforcement that were involved
  8. Discussing the case and all of our client’s medical injuries, limitations, and restrictions with all of his or her treating doctors and medical providers.

Semi Truck Driver/Company Documentation

Next, it is important that all of the relevant documents relating to the semi truck driver and his employment information be gathered. This includes, but is not limited to, the following documents:

  1. The driver’s employment file
  2. The driver’s log book
  3. The driver’s driving record
  4. The Company driver’s training materials
  5. All of the documents distributed to all of the drivers and employees at Company safety meetings and seminars
  6. The Company’s employment manual
  7. The Company’s safety policy
  8. The Company’s accident policy
  9. The vehicle inspection and maintenance records
  10. The driver’s discipline reports
  11. The driver’s accident report

Federal Motor Carrier Regulations

Finally, it is also important that several federal motor carrier regulations be reviewed including the following regulations:

  1. Regulations that establish minimum standards for reporting and record keeping regarding accidents
  2. Controlled substances, alcohol use and testing
  3. The hours of service of semi truck drivers
  4. Safety and fitness procedures
  5. Vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance


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