Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers Ohio

Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers Ohio

Experienced Will and Estate Planning

At The Law Office of Tom Somos we provide experienced will and estate planning attorney services to the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

It is important that you have a will because you yourself get to name the executor and successor executor of your estate, the powers granted to the executor, and the option to waive the need for the executor to post a bond. Without a will, the state would determine these issues.

If you have minor children, a will provides you with the opportunity to name and appoint guardians of children, and successor guardians, should your original guardians be unable or unwilling to act as a guardian. Without a will, litigation over the care of your children could ensue and a temporary guardian, completely unknown to you and your family, may be appointed by the state.

Benefits of Having a Will:

  • Allows you to appoint an individual to oversee the management of your property and property distribution
  • Determines whether there is to be a trust or life estate granted to any individuals, the payment of debts, allocation of estate taxes, and distribution of property in case of a disclaimer by a beneficiary under the will
  • Allows you to include clauses to reduce the risk of a will contest

You may change or revoke your will as often as you want as long as you remain legally competent. You should periodically review your will. Since there are technical rules that must be followed, you must obtain the assistance of a qualified attorney.

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